Takeout, without 
the trash

Ditch the waste by joining our reusable container program for takeout and delivery
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Our Participating Restaurants 

a.k.a. "Repeateries"

Zero-Waste Dining in Three Easy Steps

Order from your favorite Repeateries

Find participating restaurants in the Repeater app, order directly from their platforms for pickup or delivery, and request Repeater Reusables.



Get your food in reusable containers

Each time you use Repeater, you directly reduce plastic pollution. Your takeout will be packed in sleek, functional reusable boxes instead of those dirty disposables.

Return the empty reusables to us

When you're finished with your meal, return all the reusables to us, and we'll sanitize and reuse them. Drop the empties off at our return bin locations around town or have them conveniently picked up from your door.