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How it Works for Restaurants

Repeater partners with restaurants to provide diners with a reusable container option for takeout and delivery. Not only is Repeater the most convenient way to fight takeout waste, but it also helps you attract eco-conscious consumers while saving you 25% on packaging costs. Here's briefly how it works:

1. We stock you with reusable containers.

2. Customers order directly from your platforms. We don't add another ordering platform to your plate.

3. You pack the customers' orders in reusables when requested.

4. We retrieve the containers from the customer.

5. We commercially sanitize those containers and restock you with fresh reusables.

So all you have to do in that whole process is pack the food in the reusables, just like you would have done with disposables.

Want to go green and save green? Contact us using the contact form below or email us at We'd love to provide you more info and let you in on the reusable revolution.

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We Work with Food Service, Too

We also offer monthly pricing rates for food services such as Meal Delivery, Campus Cafeterias, Stadiums, or Caterers who feed many diners in one service. Use the contact form below to let us know your needs, and we'll contact you within 24 hours with more details, including pricing.

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