Welcome to Repeater: Reusables To-Go

We're thrilled you found us through our friends at Remark. We hear your customers want eco-friendly takeout. Repeater's reusable container service can help your restaurant or food service save about 25% on to-go wares while truly satisfying the eco-conscious crowd. Here's how it works:

1. We stock you with reusable containers.

2. Customers order directly from your platforms. We don't add another platform to your plate.

3. You pack the customers' orders in reusables when requested and tap a few buttons in our app.

4. We retrieve the containers from the customer.

5. We commercially sanitize those containers and restock you with fresh reusables.

So all you have to do in that whole process is pack the food in the reusables, just like you would have done with disposables, and tap a few buttons in our app. No really, that's it!

Here's a little more detail about us, including pricing

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